# Frequently Asked Questions

# Login

# Can i login with various accounts on the same phone?

Yes you can, every time you login we sync your account from the data we have in the cloud.

Keep in mind that we backup your data every 5 hours so it might be a bit outdated in some cases.

# I can't login, what can i do?

Check that you have a stable internet connection and try again in a few minutes, if the problem persist, send me an e-mail to: puntogrishelp@gmail.com

# General

# Can i have multiple reminders?

Now you can! You can have multiple reminders with different configurations. At the moment there is a limit of 10 max reminders per account, but this can change later, so don't worry if you need more.

# Different ranking and account levels.

We sync your experience every 5 hours, so it might take a while too see your level updated in the rankings.

# How does the experience system work?

Every time you receive a notification, you have the chance to claim experience, also you can do an exercise to gain more exp.

Every level has 1000 experience and gives you a different badge, at the moment there are 8 badges but more will be added.

Also you will have different perks according to your level. I'm still thiking about this, if you have any ideas let me know.

# Experience gain limit

There is a limit of 100 experience per day to avoid exploits.

You still will receive notifications and can do exercises but this will not grant experience.

# Performance

# Why do i need to disable battery optimization?

In some devices, depends on the brand and model, when the phone has low battery or even at full battery Android does't prioritize the notifications, so it will not show them and this is now what we want.

# Android 12 compatibility

Starting from Android 12, users must provide permission to apps to create alarms, so you will have to give the app access to that.

This is already programmed in the app, so there should be no problems when you update to Android 12 or further.

Just keep that in mind.

# Privacy

# Is all my information public?

No, we only share your experience and name in the rankings, so do not worry. Every account has a private and public profile, so your private information is only readable by you.

And we share your public profile that contains your name and experience to show in the ranking system.

# If i close my account, is all my information deleted from the cloud?

Not at the moment, i'm planing in adding a delete all data button in the app for peace of mind.

I don't store too much data about you, just the essential for authentication porpuses, so there is no need to worry.

# I have another question!

# Contact me

You can reach me at: puntogrishelp@gmail.com

Send me an e-mail and i will be happy to answer you as soon as i can.