# V - 2.0.0

This update brings a new whole app and it's all thanks to you. 🎉

# Design

The app is looking fresh now, this are some of the changes in the UI

  • Changed the color palette to make it easier in the eyes.
  • Choose between Light and Dark themes.
  • Graphs to show your performance and usage in the last week.
  • New account screen where you can see your profile.

# Features

  • Now you gain experience using the app in order to level up.
  • Multi reminder profiles are enabled, crate one and use it when you need it.
  • Added a sound piker for notifications.
  • Added a vibration picker for notifications.

# Thanks

I would like to thank all of you for your feedback:

  • Haleem
  • Melina
  • Ole
  • Mary
  • Thom
  • Kevin
  • Swasti
  • Prince
  • Elias

And I also want to thank my sister Agostina, whom I bothered all the time to see what she thought of my ideas and for always supporting me.

Some of the reports were lost, sorry if you are not in the list, but you are a part of this too.

- Joaquin