# V - 2.0.2

Release of version 2.0.2! 🎉

Bringing various bug fixes in the app and website.

# App

# Fixed

  • Alarm not triggering when the reminder started before midnight and ended after.
  • Rankings not aligning properly and visual bug displaying long names.
  • Experience bug, it was rewarding 20 exp instead of 10 for each notification.
  • Timezone causing data from the day not being save.
  • Limited the ranking screen to top 30.
  • Clock default time when creating reminders not applying the local time zone offset.
  • Panda animation not showing in light theme.
  • Not being able to set the clock to 00:00.

# Added

  • Missing translations.
  • Server notifications to let you know of upcoming news or updates.
  • Credits screen.
  • Open source licenses screen.
  • Rerms and conditions screen.
  • Privacy policy screen.

# Website

  • Fixed sidebar not showing previous versions.
  • Added privacy policy and terms & conditions.

You can read them here.

# Participate

  • Looking for help translating the app to portuguese.
  • Designers and animators to create custom exercise animations.

Would like to see the app in another language? Send me an e-mail and i will try to make it happen.

If you are interested, let me know at: puntogrishelp@gmail.com

- Joaquin