# V - 2.1.0

This update brings exciting news! A new login method and much more..

Note! Due to changes in the fundation of the app, this update may cause some errors on update.

Re-login or re-installing it should fix most errors, sorry for the trouble.

If you need help contact me at: puntogrishelp@gmail.com

# Login

Now login with google is optional, you can enter anonymously and use the app normally.

But i will encourage to login and enjoy this perks:

  • Be a part of the community.
  • Submit support tickets.
  • Automatic data backup in the cloud.
  • Public profile to climb the leaderboards.

This can be done from the settings menu.

# Account

Added a delete account section in the settings screen that will appear when you are logged in.

This will delete permantly your account data stored in the cloud, locally and log you of the app. It's irreversible so use with caution.

# Ui

Thanks for the feedback, the ui was a bit complicated and unintuitive.

So now the selected reminder is on the Home screen with the ON / OFF button.

All your reminders are now located in the Account screen.

# Fixes

  • What's new screen not showing on updates.
  • Translation errors.
  • Editing the name not updating it on the cloud correctly.
  • Profile not updating when using multiple accounts.
  • Panda animation not showing the first time it was unlocked.
- Joaquin