# V - 2.1.1

# Sync issues

This update fixes an issue introduced in Version 2.1.0 that stops all syncing features.

If you have noticed that your experience isn't updating or reminders are missing after logging in, this was the cause of that. From now on it should work as expected.

Note: All reminders created in v2.1.0 won't be synced to your account, to fix this you can edit them, triggering a new sync event for that reminder or delete them and create a new one.

Thanks to Mahpell, a member of our posture community for pointing this out to me.

# Translation

Added Russian translation, thanks again to Mahpell (opens new window) for doing this!

Such an friendly guy and a pleasure to work with.

# Other changes

  • Welcome screen will be shown only once after installation.
  • Improved sync speed, now using an NTP to verify the current date.
  • The exercise button inside the claiming exp screen now navigates to the desired screen.
  • Fixed exercise description clipping outside the screen.
  • Added emojis compatibility for reminders name and usernames. 🎉
  • Added a placeholder for anonymous usernames in the account screen.
  • Disabled landscape orientation.
  • Renamed portal screen to explore.
  • Fixed alerts showing under the navigation bar.
  • Fixed login with google not creating a new user correctly.
- Joaquin