# V - 2.2.0

New version out! 🎉

# Design

  • Added sound to claim experience screens to let the user know that the exercise is completed. Thanks to Quantum Girl for the idea.
  • Fixed title in notification exp screen not being shown correctly.
  • Updated the ranking level tag design.
  • Updated the time interval selector to match the new design and easier to set.
  • Unified the design of all popups screen.
  • Now reminders will be shown in order alphabetically.
  • Removed ranking dividers to make it look cleaner.
  • Updated reminder ui so it's more clearer when it's active.
  • New login screen ui.

# Tech stuff

  • Migrated to material theme 3.
  • Migrated to ViewBinding.

Remember this app is open source, you can check the code here (opens new window)

- Joaquin