# V - 2.3.0

The new version is out! 🎉

This update brings a lot of improvements and fixes. As Always thanks to everyone for the feedback and support!

# Features

  • Android 13 compatibility.
  • New screen to ask for alarms and notifications permissions.
  • New in-app rating screen.
  • Added back the ticket screen to automatically send needed info to debug.

# Ui

  • New settings screens, now grouped in categories and individuals screens to make it easier to configure and less cramped.
  • New set of app icons.
  • Added swipe animations to delete and edit reminders.
  • Now rankings and exercises are individuals screens.
  • Reworked the welcome flow.

# Fixes

  • Reminders not starting right away, in order to make it more efficient we had delegated the start of the reminders to the Android OS but that resulted in reminders taking a lot of time to start so now we trigger them as soon as the reminder is activated.
  • Bug where the rotation of the screen caused it to give experience multiple times.
  • Barchart not showing days labels if it was a new account.

# Dev

  • Migrated to gradle version catalogs.
  • Removed Facebook Shimmer library.
  • Renamed all xml views to follow the same name convention.
  • Added new library that provides tailwind dimens and colors.
  • Removed app landscape orientation.
  • Migrated to kotlin flows.
  • Enforced detekt rules.
- Joaquin